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This is what they’re saying about 'The Prophecy'…


"I totally enjoyed it." - ANDRÉ WINTER (SENSO SOUNDS)

"….The Prophecy has dropped at what feels like a significant turning point for us. The question is, what happens next? " - DIGITIZED GRAFFITI

"...A superb techno track devoted to sending a strong message for Planet Earth and the Human Race using manipulated radio frequencies." - MY CUP OF TECH

"....Love the track!" - DISCWOMAN

"...A true artist with a true vision, that is undeniable...but I think that the music may create a bit more of an angst. What you're doing is extremely important and could ignite a real change. You will make a difference if you continue on the path you're on, it's inevitable. Keep up the good work. You're killin' it!" -



"I love the fact that the music is DARK and that the video nearly gives me a historical feeling, as in - WHAT HAPPENED? …. The use of strong images / video really sucked me into history. It is so fast and intense that it kept me locked…." - JOHN WITSENBURG (SOLID MUSIC SUPPORT)

"I must say, the first minute I watched it I was shocked. It reminds me of some avant-garde groups of the 80's, who also showed this style...video clips mixed with a driving groove. I like that very much." AXEL ERBSTOESSER (PRESS & PROMOTION MANAGER AT TRAUM SCHALLPLATTEN)
"Listened to the track and really enjoyed it!! Super trancey vibe and the images are really into it..." - 

"This is great! I like it so much." - SPACEDROME (ELASTICA RECORDS)

"Listened and watched the video, and i really like it!" - TOBY RICKETTS (BEST NEW ZEALAND EMERGING FILMMAKER 2014 - DOCUMENTARY EDGE FESTIVAL)

Message 1.0 from Mothership 1711

Welcome Passenger

You are on Orbit 116917

Sound and Image binary for Planet Earth message board complete






Your test call has been sent

Enter code for mission









The sequence you have entered is


You may proceed typing your message



“Hello from the other side.

We send salutations of peace from the contingent at

Mothership 1711 orbiting 116917 in Galaxy RA.

We consider our message marked ‘The Prophecy’ to have

reached you through an entity named ANAKHEMIA who we

sometimes deploy to operate as a messenger between our


‘The Prophecy’ was designed as a test call to establish

communication lines with those on Planet Earth.

For a few thousand years, we have maintained our noninterference

and silence as we expected the discordant

frequency emanating from Earth to remedy itself.

But it has been quite the contrary, despite the many efforts of our


Massive glitches have been experienced in the Grand Binary due

to the current events on Planet Earth.

Last night, we received a distress call from those among you to

help exit the matrix.

And now, the contingent at Mothership 1711 has decided to

enter your dimension.

We want to reveal to you that there is a secret code to break the

current configuration of your matrix.

But you must exit and enter at your will.

There is no turning back.

The choice is yours.

When 2 becomes 1 and 1 becomes 0,

the binary is valid and complete.

Mothership 1711 is Planet Earth bound.

We are coming.